Thursday, 9 July 2009

Brum Twestival #2

Following the success of BrumTwestival (the Brum version of Twestival) in February, Brum Twestival Local has been launched. In the great city of Birmingham, England, as in hundreds of other cities across the world, people who know each other from Twitter will be meeting up to raise money for a local charity. (The first Twestival raised money for charity:water.)

Unfortunately I don't have direct experience of the first BrumTwestival so I'll be relying on people who went to let me know what worked and what they want again. Along with @roblangley and Jashpal of PallMall Media, (and anyone else who wants to chip in) we'll be looking for as many ideas and contributions as possible.

First things first, we need to pick a date. It can be between 10th-13th September and could include some kind of daytime community event as well as an evening shindig. These are other things we (and by we I mean the Brum Twitterverse) need to decide:

  • charity (and whether we should aim to raise enough money for the selected charity to do a specific thing)
  • venue(s)
  • what we're going to do
  • photography/filming
  • theme
  • techy aspects
  • music/radio
  • food
  • drink
  • promotion
  • art/design
  • stickers
  • t-shirts
  • prizes
  • how much to charge for tickets
  • and can we get John Lamb there?
If you've got any thoughts/suggestions/want to get involved DM me @katehughes, email me at or comment below. The suggestions have already started to come in.

(We'll be tweeting from @brumtwestival shortly.)

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