Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Are you a secret social media linker?

Recently, I've become aware that my social media habits are not regarded as normal. When I've enthused about something I've seen on Twitter to my family who aren't into social media, I've been met with raised eyebrows and smirks.

When my friends asked me what I was doing on a certain evening and I said I was going to an event about mashing up data, they wrinkled their brows and looked bemused. They knew better than to query me further and wrote it off as one of my little oddities.

When I told work colleagues that I was volunteering at Solihull Social Media Surgery, silence fell. I explained that I was one of a group of people who are helping councillors learn how to blog. One asked me 'are you paid?'. When I replied that I wasn't, he said 'but, why would you do that?' I started to say it was fun to help people learn about the power of social media but then I realised I sounded rather strange and I buttoned my lip.

It hasn't quite got to the stage where I sneak around in my pyjamas, looking for my next fix, but until my friends and family get hooked on social media too, I'm going to have to keep quiet about being a secret social media linker.

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