Thursday, 10 December 2009

I have a new job...

So, I have some news. I have a new job. As of 18 January, I will be the Communications Manager at Wolverhampton Homes. I'll be managing a small team and returning to the Black Country where I used to be a reporter at the Express and Star. (I can even see the Express and Star flag from my new desk!)

I've spent the last eight months at the Orbit Group as a Marketing and Communications Manager for Orbit East and Orbit First Step and it has absolutely flown by. I have learnt enormous amounts about how organisations work and how they can be successful.

What I'm most proud of the Orbit Group for is our continued involvement and leadership of Mortgage Rescue. The scheme, set up by the Government just over a year ago to help people at risk of repossession, has had its fair share of criticism in the press. But when I have seen the kindness, hard work and passion of my colleagues who have done so much to keep people in their homes, I feel a huge sense of pride. (Not to blow Orbit's trumpet too much, but we're leading the way nationally with more than 50 people helped to stay in their homes.)

Wolverhampton Homes is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO), which means it manages the 24,000 homes owned by Wolverhampton City Council. ALMOs have their fair share of challenges, not least a funding-dependent inspection regime, which will see me go through my first full Audit Commission inspection next year (eek). But I am well up for it and feel inspired and motivated about my new post. Bring it on!


  1. "But I am well up for it and feel inspired and motivated about my new post. Bring it on!"

    Good for you girl! Love the blog and ideas. Let me know if I can help


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