Saturday, 23 January 2010

Best Practice: Answering the 'So What?' question

As tenant participation (or resident involvement) becomes embedded in the practice of social housing providers, another question is rising up the agenda: so what?

It's not enough to involve residents or empower residents to make key decisions, landlords have to be able to demonstrate the difference that that participation has made.

As well as being able to show the outcomes, organisations need to feed back to residents what has changed so they can make a reasoned judgement about whether sharing their opinion has made a difference (in the hope that it has, and that will encourage other residents to get involved).

Different organisations answer this challenge in different ways, but one that I particularly like is this Resident Involvement Impact Report (although it could do with a catchier name!) from Soha, a housing association in Oxfordshire. I like the way its set out in tables so that you can easily see what the outcome was for each area of resident involvement.

If anyone else knows of any other good examples, I'd love to see them. Comment below or email me at

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