Saturday, 2 January 2010

How I (accidentally) made a mini-meme

The day before New Year's Eve I was mulling over the past 10 years and thinking about what I have achieved and what I still would like to do. I posted a tweet on Twitter summing up my decade with my personal statistics.

Here's my tweet. I tagged it with the hashtag #decadeinstats and before I knew it, several other people had done the same thing. After two days more than 150 people (most of whom I didn't follow, nor followed me) had also tagged tweets with the hashtag. This shows how quickly things can spread or go viral. Here's a search for the hashtag.

When something gets pick up by other people and spreads naturally it is called a meme. It's made me think about how organisations can try to start memes to promote their values. One great example of this was the hashtag #welovethenhs, which was started in response to criticism of the NHS in the American media.

As a heavy Twitter user, who frequently spreads other people's memes it was exciting to have created one of my own, even if I hadn't it done consciously.


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