Sunday, 21 March 2010

One year of blogging: some thank yous

My blog is one year old this month and in that year I have learnt an enormous amount, so I thought it would be timely to thank some of the people who've helped me.

Pete Ashton is the reason I started blogging. Specifically, this post by Paul Bradshaw where Pete summed up why Joanna Geary had got a new job on The Times made something click in my mind. One of the sentences he wrote: "I persuaded her to blog because I thought it’d be useful for her career, but I do that with everyone" really stood out. It made me realise that through blogging I had a chance to learn a new skill, set myself apart career-wise and let people know what I thought.

Through numerous conversations with Nick Booth, I've learnt an immeasurable about social media and the mentality of collaboration. He also taught me the phrase JFDI or Just F***ing Do it, which is probably one of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard and one that I think about frequently when I feel hesitant about new projects.

Rob Brown of from the brilliant PR Media Blog suggested I do shorter, more frequent posts so that people would get into the habit of visiting my blog regularly. I'm still working on that one (!) but I do try to do at least three posts a month. Ideally I'd be doing three a week, but sometimes life (and the job I'm paid to do) gets in the way. 

Many other people have given me a hand by retweeting my links, posting useful articles and commenting on my blog. Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn to blog over the past year.

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