Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Best Practice in Annual Reports: Bromford Group

It's that time of year when landlords are preparing their annual reports. This being the first (and last) year of the TSA regulatory framework, social housing providers have got a new task: to provide an annual report for tenants by 1 October. The key aim of these publications is to make it clear for tenants to be able to see the standards (or offers) that landlords commit to and then whether they are meeting those commitments or not. Tenants must be involved in the production of the annual report.

Traditionally, most landlords have reported performance to tenants in an annual report, whether that is in a few pages of the tenants newsletter or through the website. Some landlords also opt to produce an annual report for stakeholders, which can be used as a marketing tool, to 'sell' the housing provider to local authorities, MPs or other landlords. In my job, I get sent quite a lot of these, and generally they all blur in to one. But this year Bromford's stood out.

Sent out as a link to their website (yay! no more burying my desk in dead trees!) and titled Facing Up to Difficult Questions, the housing group has spoken to key influencers and decision makers in the sector and asked them what they want to know. With creative photography and clean lines, Bromford's annual review is fresh, modern and relevant. Well done to their Comms Team for a cracking job.

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