Wednesday, 7 April 2010

We Can Win!

As I was driving to work along the M6 the other day, I noticed the massive poster proclaiming 'We Can Win' in support of Birmingham's UK 2013 City of Culture bid. The sun was shining, the traffic was moving quickly and life was good - I thought to myself we can win. It's a great, positive slogan, full of confidence and energy.

When I got to work I logged on to the bid's website. I didn't feel the same sense of energy from the website but I could also tell it was early days and that the campaign was growing in momentum. I liked that hundreds of Brummies have already had an input into the bid. It would be easy to knock what has been done so far and point out where things could have been done better, but that is the kind of mentality that Birmingham needs a lot less of.

It's great that Birmingham has made the short list, along with Derry, Norwich and Sheffield, all of which will be hard competition to beat. I hope that more and more people get behind the bid over the next few weeks and that add in their ideas of what makes Birmingham such a great city for culture. I've added mine in - have you done yours?
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