Sunday, 20 March 2011

Best Practice: Bromford's Strategic Plan

They're smart cookies over at the Bromford Group's comms team. I recently stumbled across their Strategic Plan and thought it outstanding, not only in presentation but in concept too.

Since being at Wolverhampton Homes, and experiencing the incredible improvement drive that inspections give organisations, I've learnt that we're at our best when we're all aiming for the same thing. When everyone has got a clear understanding of what the organisation needs to achieve and how it's going to do it, the energy is unstoppable; even the less-engaged employees become motivated to succeed.

Bromford is a housing association and as such, it can set it's own measures by which it can judge it's journey. In it's plan, it says:

"We will judge our success against five key measures. By 2016 we aim to achieve: 
• UK leading levels of customer advocacy 
• Outstanding levels of key business partner advocacy
• 1500 affordable homes completions every year
• National recognition as one of the UK’s  best employers
• Recognition as one of the most efficient affordable housing provider"

I love that - it's so short, easy to remember and for staff, I imagine it's easy to get their head round and know what they're aiming for. I also think the modern design and strong use of images makes it a powerful publication for selling the idea internally but also to the outside world. Well done to them.

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