Sunday, 17 July 2011

Great copywriting from Tesco

I'm a bit of a geek for great copywriting and this was so perfect I just had to share it. In case you can't read it from my rather blurry pic, it says:

'Favourites.' Your regular in-store shop waiting for you online.

It was on the back on a Tesco delivery van. People driving behind it have mere moments to take in the message and this is so elegant, crisp and economical with words that it does the job brilliantly.

I love the single quote marks - the introduction of the favourites concept. I love the use of shop to describe what you buy, rather than basket, trolley or items, which transforms products into a destination. I love the 'waiting for you' which subtly compels the reader to act.

In short, I think this is very fine copywriting. Bravo Tesco!

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