Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's nice to share...

As an only child til I was seven, sharing wasn't something that came naturally to me. When my little sister came along, all of a sudden I had to get used to sharing everything. Fortunately, it's now something I can see the advantages of.

Today at Wolverhampton Homes, we've taken a small step to make our content more 'shareable'. We've now got buttons to share our news stories via Twitter and Facebook. (We've had an RSS feed for a long time but my impression is these are becoming less popular and most people find new content through social networks now - but I'll save that for another post.)

Why would we want to do that?

News organisations have seen the benefit of encouraging their readers to share their digital content for a long time now. They know that news has more value when it's spread from person to person, than if the organisation itself tries to put it out there. When a third party has said 'hey, this is worth reading/viewing,' it is more likely to be read/viewed and then shared further.

Housing organisations can reap the same benefits. We want the people who engage with us on social media platforms and who visit our website to be able to do the share our content as easily as possible. If they see something interesting, they can share it at the touch of the button and our content can be spread virally much more easily.

Crucially, the reader/visitor can also choose how they share the content as well. The app we're using allows the user to edit the tweet or post (rather than auto-posting as some apps do) which means that if people wish they can say 'this is a load of rubbish' about something we've written. Of course, we hope they don't (!) but the editable function gives the user the power and we hope, in turn, Wolverhampton Homes more credibility as an organisation which isn't afraid to hear what the community has to say.

We're giving it a go on the news hub but if it turns out to be popular, we may extend it to our other web pages.

Happy sharing!


  1. Nice to see this in action....I wonder if it'll ever be worth adding G+1 buttons?!

  2. Thank you James. Maybe! It's a work in progress so we'll have to see.


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