Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Best Practice: Bromford's No Postcodes

I saw a link for this video on Twitter and it's such a great example of innovation I had to share it. It was created by Bromford Support and aims to discourage young people from joining gangs and carrying knives. The video has interspersed footage of the Birmingham Riots with footballers and rappers saying 'no postcodes'. It is set to music and builds over the video - by the end the hairs on the back of my neck had stood up. Looking at it, I'm guessing it cost next to nothing to make, but it is incredibly powerful. It has already achieved more than 2,000 views on YouTube and this BBC coverage. Good work Bromford.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate

    Thanks for that. Very nice of you to post that. Would be good to meet up and chat sometime. It did indeed cost absolutely nothing to make. Just an idea that worked.

    Best wishes

    Lee O'Hanlon
    Communications at Bromford


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