Friday, 30 December 2011

Top five posts of 2011

The Guardian was kind enough to include me in a round up of their top five housing blogs of their first year and it got me thinking about what were my favourite blog posts that I'd read this year. Here they are:

Trust me, I'm a follower by Carolyne Mitchell on Comms2Point0

A useful take on the importance of trust in social media.

Sometimes we fluff up by Helen Reynolds

A classy and reassuring lesson in how to save your reputation when you've made a mistake.

When social housing and social networking collide by Matthew Gardiner

A post from a brilliant Chief Executive who has had the ah-ha moment.

Housing should take the lead on digital exclusion by James Grant on Guardian Housing Network

A compelling case for social housing's role in tackling digital exclusion. We should all do more.

Rioting and looting in Wolverhampton by WV11

Two volunteers, Steph Jennings and James Clarke, who happen to care about where they live, transformed the way news of the summer riots spread around Wolverhampton. A lot of the real action - countering false rumour and setting facts straight - happened on their facebook page, but I couldn't round up the year without including this.

Of course, there have also been many, many more great posts that I've read over the year. Check out my blogroll for the ones I read regularly.


  1. Thanks for mentioning us Kate, you must read a lot of interesting posts, so chuffed to be included! :-)

  2. You guys shaped what happened for the better for not just Wednesfield but Wolverhampton. Awesome stuff :)


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