Friday, 2 March 2012

Prezi vs Powerpoint

I was asked by Comms2Point0 earlier this week whether I only use Prezi now for presentations. I thought it might make a useful blog post.
I seem to do loads of presentations at the moment (three yesterday and two today!) and I use both Prezi and Powerpoint depending on the situation. My view is than Prezi is better for concepts and ideas, and for showing how things fit together. I think Powerpoint is better for linear presentations which follow a 'and then, and then' narrative.
A lot of people moan about death by Powerpoint but I've never felt that way. I think it can be a really powerful tool used well and if not, it's the presenter's fault not the software. Generally I think strong photos with very little text work best in Powerpoint. There's nothing worse than loads of tiny text being read out when the audience has already read it. After all what you want with a presentation is to hear the person otherwise they could have just emailed you. The slides should illustrate and reinforce what is being said. For bonus points use a picture (or a story about a picture) that creates an emotional and memorable connection with the audience.
Prezi is great for when you want to give particular emphasis to certain elements and to inject a bit of fun into the presentation. You can also give things emphasis with arrows,  framing and group things together. It's also much easier (or at least for me anyway) to embed video than it is in powerpoint. The zooming motion can cause people to feel a bit sick though so it's worth trying to minimise that.
The other danger with Prezi is because it's quite whiz-bangy you end up over-doing the effects, but this can be a danger in Powerpoint too. Remember when Powerpoint first came out and people animated every element of the presentation?
To present a prezi you need an internet connection or a pro account and flash projector software downloaded onto whatever you're using. In some circumstances this can be a problem so you need to make sure you've checked through that it's working. I often take my own kit and a dongle, which although not failsafe, makes me feel more secure.
Prezi has loads of cool examples of presentations and guidance on its site. I love this one by Coca-Cola. There's also an ace Powerpoint here by Alexi Kapterev about how not to kill people with Powerpoint (which is always handy). Happy presenting.

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