Sunday, 7 April 2013

How changing my Twitter name showed me how small the world is

I remember when I first joined Twitter. It was the summer of 2008 and I'd read about this micro-blogging social media platform and thought I'd bagsy my username even if I wasn't going to use it. In fact, when I signed up I was quite surprised that @katehughes was still free but I was happy to claim it. Nearly five years, 3,500 followers and a Twitter obsession later, I've just got married and have become Kate Reynolds. So of course, after choosing the dress, the next big decision was what to do about my Twitter username!
As Kate Hughes is quite a common name (there's three of us at my work and two of us at my doctors'), there's plenty of other Kate Hughes' on Twitter. Among others, there's a playboy model, for whom I have previously received quite unsavoury tweets, and there's also a cool, Aussie social media expert. Who do you think I picked?

By a weird twist of fate, a few months ago I saw in my Facebook timeline a picture of a party on a Melbourne rooftop that one of my pals Adam Vincenzini was at. He's a communications whizz who does lots of cool stuff with social media and I've known him for years online. A few minutes later I flicked onto Twitter and I saw a pic from Kate Hughes who was also at a party on a Melbourne rooftop. This was the exchange that happened:

The world is an increasing small place eh?

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