Friday, 14 June 2013

Six ways comms professionals can use Vine

Vine is a app-based social network where users post six seconds videos. Think you can't communicate much in six seconds? Think again:

1. Learn from the first rate storytelling of Vine users - click on explore in the app and watch Vine's most popular videos.

2. Increase the virality of your content by making it creative and funny, then sharing on twitter and facebook.

3. Hashtag your content the same way you would on Instagram or Twitter to help people find stuff they're interested in.

4. Share on the #howto hashtag useful videos about your services or products. If they're funny and useful, you'll hit the Vine sweet spot.

5. Produce a Vine tour of your office, shop, campus or housing estate.

6. Use Vine to tell the story of a day in the life of your staff and show your customers what goes into serving them.

You can see my first Vine here.

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