Sunday, 29 September 2013

How the DVLA is using Twitter to improve user experience

I went to the Capita Channel Shift in the Public Sector conference this week to learn from the best and the brightest who are doing cool stuff with digital. Throughout the conference, the theme that emerged was the importance of user experience feedback.
One of the presentations was from Rohan Gye of the DVLA. Rohan shared the one of the great success stories of channel shift: buying road tax online. Anyone who has done it knows it's about a million times easier and quicker than having to go and queue up in a busy Post Office on your lunch break.
He also spoke about how the DVLA have tested user experience and the value they put on that.
At the moment the DVLA are improving how driver records are displayed and have used their Twitter account to put out two alternative options and have asked their followers for feedback (see the pic above).
This is just one of the ways that the DVLA is seeking feedback from its users, but I love their openness to hearing people's preferences and their desire to have a genuine dialogue about how their service can be improved.
Using Twitter is also much quicker for users than emailing a response and even more so than attending a focus group, so it gives people who haven't got much time the opportunity to have their say too.
As well as using Twitter, the DVLA blogs about its digital improvements too, so that people can better understand why changes have been made and feedback what they think.
Using social media is a great way to give Britain's 40 million drivers a voice on the services they receive and means the DVLA is able to understand what people really want, and is a great example of the win-win that channel shift offers.

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