Monday, 3 March 2014

Blessed are the tweeters

Today the Church of England announced plans to tweet the activity of churches up and down the country. According to the C of E's press release, 'bishops, clergy, chaplains, youth workers and churchgoers from around the country will be given a week each to tweet about their life inside the Church of England' from the account @OurCofE.
The idea to share the honours over the year means that there'll hopefully be a diverse mix of activity in the tweets and followers will get a real insight into what goes on. I've blogged before about 24-hour tweetathons being a bit gimmicky and more style than substance but with a year-long project, the Church can make a real difference to how its seen. Rev Kate Bottley, who is a seasoned tweeter, is the first to take the reins and judging by her first day's posts, featuring selfies, pastoral visits and value crisps, followers are in for a treat.
What Twitter is brilliant for is sharing the tiny moments of human life that make up a picture of what an organisation is like. This account, as well as the many other C of E accounts aggregated in the Twurch of England, are a great way to tell the stories of church life and share the good and varied work that goes on in parishes all over England.

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